The EXPO, also known as the World’s Fair, is an event that is famous for showcasing technological advancement. It is an exposition that is now normally held every few years and always in different cities. 1851 in London was the venue for the first EXPO, with Paris hosting the second in 1855. Paris was to host the exposition four more times before the end of the 19th Century. 1876 saw the first EXPO to be hosted outside of Europe, in Philadelphia in the US. Australia hosted the event in 1879 and 1880 and was proof that the exposition had become truly global.

The Atomium in Brussels was built for the EXPO.

The Atomium in Brussels was built for the EXPO.

The fact that the EXPOis hosted by different cities and in different countries is a major reason for its longevity. It gives an opportunity for cities and countries to show the world what they have to offer, culturally. Also, not just capital cities and very populous cities are given the chance to host the event. Putting on the EXPO is expensive, however, which is why Third World countries have been conspicuous by their absence throughout the exposition’s long history. Structures are normally built for the EXPO itself and few have remained in place after an exposition has finished. Three notable exceptions are the Eiffel Tower in Paris, which was built for the 1889 EXPO, the Space Needle in Seattle, which was built for the 1962 exposition and the Atomium in Brussels. A pavilion is the traditional focal point of the event.

Crystal Palace in London hosted the first EXPO, which was seen as one of the high points of Queen Victoria’s reign. It was called the Great Exhibition and Britain was seen as a progressive and inventive nation as a result. The object of the exposition is to display technological advancement and underline the achievements of mankind. There is also a futuristic element to the event by way of displays that are seen as predictions of things to come. Hosts of the EXPO do also use the event as a way of promoting a positive image of their city and/or country. The 2012 exposition will be held in Yeosu, South Korea.

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