Exhibition booth

Considering that an exhibitor has only an estimated 6 seconds to attract the attention of passing visitors at a trade exhibition, the configuration of booths is crucial and is as important in promoting your product as is the company representative. Whether it be a small workstation or a larger display stand, the aim is to get your brand to stand out from the crowd.

With your own and costumized booth you can save money. Because you just have to pay for the space.

With your own and costumized booth you can save money. Because you just have to pay for the space.

A custom made exhibition booth will in the long run save money, as company’s usually have the option of renting either space alone, which is obviously cheaper, or shell space where walls and carpeting are supplied. The first consideration when deciding to build one’s own booth is that trade exhibitions have certain specifications regarding the size of the booth. One then has to ensure that the booths are collapsible but sturdy and also light-weight enough to make them easily portable: aluminium and conduit is ideal for those with budget constraints, otherwise a light wood can be used. If wheels can be incorporated into the design, it may be possible for a representative to transport the booth in a SUV and then simply wheel it onto the site.

The down side to using conduit to construct podiums is that wiring etc will be visible, but clever use of eye-catching and informative banners can help in overcoming this problem. The banner system one chooses will also impact greatly on visitor response and it is essential that the booth provides adequately for the use of these. Booths where computers will be used are also susceptible to overheating, so provision must be made for a basic cooling system. What is most important is that there is enough surface space at the correct height, to carry impactful and engaging information on the product or service you provide and that your booth provides a pleasant environment for the visitor to become aquainted with these.

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