What is an exhibit?

An exhibit is something that is publicly displayed. This can mean a painting in an art gallery to an ancient artefact in a museum. The word exhibit is also used to describe a collection of objects that are displayed. A painting exhibit will, traditionally, be hung on an art gallery or museum wall and will be surrounded by a frame. An exhibit of clothing, pottery, or something created in gold and silver, will normally be seen in a glass case in a museum.

The Mona Lisa is one of the most famous exhibits and ca even be found on stamps.

The Mona Lisa is one of the most famous exhibits and ca even be found on stamps.

An exhibit simply means something that is exhibited and which is available to be seen by the general public. An exhibit can cover a very diverse range of items from the present day back to prehistory. One museum may have modern exhibits as well as dinosaur bones exhibited. There will be museums and art galleries that specialise in one area, but also ones that include general collections. One art gallery may exhibit just paintings from one style of painting such as Impressionism or Surrealism. Another art gallery may contain paintings of lots of different styles and from lots of different eras, as well as drawings, sculpture and pottery.

A museum can be even broader in appeal, because its exhibits can date back many millions of years and its exhibits can relate to all the arts and sciences. Museums and art galleries constantly strive to add new exhibits to their respective collections, however good they are, because of the need for visitors to experience something new. Among the most famous exhibits in the world are ‘The ‘Mona Lisa‘, which was painted by Leonardo da Vinci, and which hangs in The Louvre in Paris and the Terracotta Army, which is on display in China. Sometimes a museum will hold a temporary exhibition, which can be truly spectacular and popular, as was the case when The British Museum displayed many exhibits from Tutankhamun’s tomb in 1972.

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